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truth and grace

January 27, 2012

awhile back, i was having a hard time with a lot of stuff in general….in fact, i still am. one of the driving forces behind these periods of difficulty is that i often choose lies over truth. satan tells me a lot of lies, and it doesn’t take much for me to believe them.  this leads to a huge hindrance in my relationship with God because i don’t allow him to step in and remind me of his truth. so, sometimes, he uses my friends to do so. at the beginning of this wintry season, one of my dear friends sent me a text that reads as follows:

“1 John 3:20. Kait, take your eyes off yourself, love, and see the one who’s greater than your heart, emotions, sinful thoughts, negative attitude. He chose you, loved you, died for you, called you, made you a daughter a long time ago…regardless of what you do or don’t do. PLEASE don’t believe a gospel of performance tonight, look at Jesus and behold his beauty and relish in the glorious fact that the gospel of grace is TRUE.”

normally, i would post quotes from popular pastors or authors on here, but this rang so true in my heart (and still does) that the source doesn’t even matter. the fact that it is truth does. i often find myself in a world of lies. i fall in so deep it is hard to find my way out. and that’s where i always get it wrong. i try to find my own way to escape when the whole time, there is my Savior, just waiting for me to take hold of his truth and be saved from a dark world of fear, guilt, shame loneliness and disgust.

honestly, my relationship with Jesus has been pretty rocky lately. a lot of me being unwilling to fall at my knees before the King and give up the things i choose to run to instead of him. i’m carrying burdens that i have yet to surrender to God and let him bear them for me. it’s weighing pretty heavily on me and i’m ready to let go. when Jesus said, “it is finished” on the cross, he meant it. and nothing i can do or say can change that truth. i need to stop allowing myself to believe that i have to earn my salvation and earn Christ’s love and remember that they are offered freely to me. that is grace. and that it truth.

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