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sins are stones

February 16, 2012

it would be a straight up lie for someone to say they do not struggle with sin. it is a daily war we wage against the flesh and the worldly desires we so avidly chase after for some sense of fulfillment and pleasure. i myself know this is a struggle i will face everyday for the rest of this life on the earth. do i choose Christ? or do i choose the lies and temporal satisfaction i think will satisfy me in a moment of temptation?

depending on the day, i can run up a pretty hefty list of sins: some are habitual and enslaving and i have found very difficult to break free from. some have to do with the way i view myself and compare myself to other girls. some days it has to do with the way i speak to others. some days it’s how angry or impatient i am with others. some days it’s hate. some days it is my refusal to give up my idolatrous heart and surrender to God. some days it’s all of the above and more.

however, the beauty of the gospel is that these i am cleansed of these sins. Christ fulfilled forgiveness for my sins by his position on the cross. he died that i might know freedom from the sin that threatens to enslave me. i have been pouring into 1 Peter lately, and one of my favorite verses is found in chapter 2 verse 24.


“He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live to righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed.”


there is so much power in that verse. Christ was victorious in overcoming not just my sins, but the sins of the entire world. he died that i may live. in Christ i can experience freedom from the sin that i so often allow to bog me down. some days i feel so defeated by my sinfulness and feel like i am helpless and hopeless in my state. but that’s a lie. there is always freedom in Christ and always forgiveness for my sins. all i have to do is seek Christ and his righteousness. how freeing to recall!

a quote from Richard Lovelace was an insert in the book i am currently reading (Holiness By Grace by Bryan Chapell-check it out! so good) i read this passage last night before i went to bed, and i found it so encouraging-especially in my struggle to overcome the same habitual sins that plague me when i seek comfort:


“God’s gracious provision for our needs includes God’s grace for sanctification as well as for justification. It is not enough to tell believers, ‘You are accepted through your faith in Christ.’ We must tell them also, ‘You are delivered from the bondages of sin through the power of the indwelling Christ…’

In order to combat this sense of helplessness before the binding power of indwelling sin, believers should first be assured that sanctification, like justification, is grounded in union with Christ. The power of sin to rule their lives has been destroyed in the cross of Christ; we have died with Christ, and have been raised up together with him in newness of life. Therefore, we are not to set the estimates of our power to conquer sin according to past experiences of our will power, but are to fix our attention on Christ and the power of his risen life in which we participate; for we have died and our life is now hidden with Christ in God…This power is accessible in our experience through faith, not through simple striving of the will.”


i so often try to overcome my sins and my struggles on my own. thinking that if i just muster up enough power to resist temptation, that i will not fall to the desires of the flesh. obviously, this always fails me. i have to look to Christ. i have to remember to preach the gospel of grace to myself everyday. i have to pursue holiness by pursuing my Redeemer. for he is my hope and my strength and my love. him and him alone.


“I am not bound to past or present sin. Tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today.”-Bryan Chapell


i was listening to john mark mcmillan this morning and this song came up in my shuffle. how fitting. and lovely to be reminded of (lyrics below)

All our sins are stones /At the bottom of your oceans/And all our filthy stains/Have been washed away

By the blood of a son/I have overcome the grave/By the blood of a son/I have overcome the grave/The grave

Recompense is made for/The guilty and the shamed/For eternity is gained/In the arms of the slain

By the blood of a son/I have overcome the grave/By the blood of a son/I have overcome the grave/The grave

Oh my soul/Praise him/Oh my soul

By the blood of a son/I have overcome the grave/By the blood of a son/I have overcome the grave/The grave
Oh my soul/Praise him/Oh my soul

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